Too Many Tabs Open: Journal for Creatives

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Finally... A journal that was built with the "Creatives" in mind!

If you are a "creative" then you know all the cute planners/ journals circulating around mean NOTHING to you! The way your brain works with creative ideas firing off at any random moment, you need something that can keep up with that. Planners only stress you out because your brain just don't flow like that. There's just way too many unnecessary pages and sections that you DON'T use! And then let's not talk about the size of that thing... too big to keep with you, right?

Well, we get it... you have Too Many Tabs Opens and this journal is perfect for you:

  • Structured for quarterly planning, goal setting & affirmations
  • 58 pages for "Brain Dumping" random creative ideas
  • 90 pages total in full color
  • 6x9in softcover journal